The news about the European gambling laws reviews that the Moldavian gambling marketing ban arrived into outcome on January 1, 2022.

The new regulation prohibits all kinds of the gambling items promotion in the Republic of Moldova. The ban applies to gaming adverts, adverts of lottery raffles, and betting on the most popular spots.

Moldavians are urged to report unlawful advets

Member of the Moldavian Parliament, Dumitru AIaiba, who is also a co-chair of the Financial state, Budget, and Finance Commission, gave a speech on the make any difference. Alaiba urged all citizens to support enforce the new regulation by reporting the violations. Moldavians can inform the authorities of illegal gambling adverts in community places by contacting the law enforcement or sending a photo of an ad to the official Parliament e mail.

The ban on gambling marketing was imposed to prevent gambling addiction in Moldova. In accordance to Alaiba, Moldavians purchase 1.3 million lottery tickets each individual day.

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